Luxury boutique hotels in Italy

Explore the exclusive selection of the most stylish places to stay in Italy, Europe. All the luxury boutique hotels in Italy are personally visited and selected by The Style Junkies.

Ah, Italy: the land of romance, ragu and rolling hills. Everyone’s familiar with Italy. In fact, this European virtuoso is full of surprises. All the regions of Italy are unique and cater to different kinds of vacation – from designer shopping in Milan, enjoying Puglia’s rustic tranquillity, drinking the best wines in Tuscany and road-tripping along the Amalfi Coast to admiring palaces in Rome and sun-seeking on the jet-set island of Capri. Besides a variety of stunning landscapes, it’s got art, style, architecture, good food and fine wines.

Italy is sure to satisfy any type of traveller: the hedonist, the foodie, the historian, the nature-lover, the beach freak and even the adventurer. Without a doubt, Italy is a dream destination and for good reason. Wherever you choose to go in Italy, and whatever you choose to do, you’ll be impressed and inspired.

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