Luxury boutique hotels in Sao Paulo

Explore the exclusive selection of the most stylish places to stay in São Paulo, Brazil. All the luxury boutique hotels and exclusive resorts in São Paulo are personally visited and selected by The Style Junkies.

São Paulo is the city of traffic jams, skyscrapers, immensely friendly locals, eye-popping disparities in wealth and an incredible immigrant mix. Despite of being South America’s largest city, not only by population, but by geography, São Paulo has charms – if you know where to look. Expect steep hills, winding, one-way roads and vastly different neighborhoods, so you’ll need a plan, arrange a driver and don’t forget your map wherever you go. With its sophistication, unique energy, and modernist feel, Sampa, how residents call this megacity, is currently on fire. Driven by Brazil’s rapidly growing middle class, São Paulo has become an economic powerhouse. Furthermore, an impressive group of stylish locals and designers have turned São Paulo into an important center for South American fashion and design. Meanwhile, its vibrant nightlife, cultural diversion and superb cuisine have always been a major draw.