Luxury boutique hotels in St. Barths

Explore the exclusive selection of the most stylish places to stay and eat in the St. Barths, Caribbean. All the luxury hotels, resorts, beach clubs and restaurants in St. Barths are personally visited and selected by The Style Junkies.

The Caribbean doesn’t get more exclusive than St. Barths, with its super stylish accommodation, hip beach clubs and fabulous French cuisine. Part of the French West Indies, St. Barths is located only 25 km southeast of Sint Maarten. The tiny French island of St. Barths (aka Saint Barthélemy or St. Barts) is heaven for hedonistic jetsetters, yacht-hopping billionaires, the rich and famous and serious tanners. In fact, St. Barths has the scenic beauty of a tropical idyll wrapped up in the glossy lifestyle of St. Tropez. But, the good thing is, the Caribbean island St. Barths still exudes a chic, laid-back vibe unspoiled by gawkers and day-trippers. The true allure of St. Barths is that its charm, natural beauty, serenity, and French flavour has never been compromised despite the island’s growing celebrity. Furthermore, this idyllic island gem is also surprisingly lush and hilly with beautiful beaches. But there’s just as much beauty underneath the water, which makes St. Barths also the perfect holiday destination for dive junkies and aqua fanatics.

Stylish St. Barths takes its food very seriously, in fact, the cuisine ranks among Caribbean’s best. On this small, tropical jet-set island you can find dozens of excellent restaurants to dine and wine in style.

Explore the wonders of St. Barths, hit the unspoiled white-sand beaches, check out a beach bar at St. Jean, go shopping in Gustavia or just simply relax in style at the pool from your hip hotel.

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