Kocadon Restaurant Bodrum Kocadon Restaurant Bodrum Kocadon Restaurant Bodrum

Kocadon Restaurant

The marina of Bodrum is packed with bars and eateries, and selecting the very best is quite a difficult task. Seeking a truly memorable meal? Look no further than Kocadon Restaurant in Bodrum.

This seriously sublime restaurant, nestled within a stone-cobbled courtyard filled with palm trees, banana plants, flickering candlelight and tables with wooden garden chairs, is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. An authentic Bodrum stone house surrounds the garden which was originally the home of the “Kocadon” family in 19th century. In 1987 they renovated it and created the Kocadon Restaurant as it is today.

This quiet little garden just off the crowded street is an elegant Bodrum eatery offering a high culinary standard. Nowadays managed by the Dutch Ciska Aras and her Turkish husband from the Kocadon family, this is by far one of the prettiest dinner settings in town.

The plates of food arriving at your table are so exquisitely composed, it almost seems criminal to eat them. But once you try the exciting Turkish-Mediterranean dishes you’ll be glad you did. Try the Bodrum appetizer buffet as a starter, and we love the little amuse of figs and olive oil (a tradition in the region). For the all important dessert, don’t miss the delicious combination of three kinds of sorbet ice, with dark chocolate sorbet as our favorite. Yummy!

Kocadon Restaurant, Bodrum