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The Beef Club & Ballroom

Going to Paris? Meat lover? Cocktail fanatic? Be sure to book a table at The Beef Club and check out The Ballroom downstairs afterwards.

Situated close to Les Halles on rue Jean Jacques Rousseau in Paris‘ first arrondissement, this stylish steakhouse restaurant slash hip cocktail bar gets a lot of love in Paris. The Beef Club & Ballroom opened its doors at the end of March 2012 thanks to Olivier Bon, Pierre-Charles Cros, and Romée de Goriainoff from the quickly expanding Experimental empire. They also own The Fish Club restaurant around the corner, Experimental Beach Ibiza, Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels Seven Dials, Experimental Cocktail Club in London and more popular venues.

It’s no surprise that The Beef Club & Ballroom in Paris are all about beef, burgers and inventive cocktails. A cozy, warm but trendy design, coupled with great food and yummy cocktails have proved a winning combination here. The vibe is laidback and the guests are of good mix of Parisians and stylish travelers.

Designed by Dorothée Meilichzon, The Beef Club restaurant & Ballroom cocktail bar look extremely stylish with a stunning combination of inspiring materials. Expect rich reds, kilim covered banquettes, white-bricked walls and lowly-lit shadowed nooks.

The menu from The Beef Club will change daily, depending on which cuts are best to serve on that day. The tender steaks are super tasty, while the burgers are also a must-try. So make sure you come back a second time. They also offer huge sides such as house-made frites, sautéed mushrooms and macaroni & cheese.

In The Ballroom they take the art of cocktails to the next level. Here, you will be welcomed by a hip crowd, cool music and comfy velvet couches. Just try it!

The Beef Club & Ballroom, Paris